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St. Joseph

Young Adults


Next event:

April 4   

7:00 pm

St. Joseph's Young Adults next event will be on Thursday, April 4 with Fr. Joseph from St. Joseph, Sylvania. Please join us for a discussion on The Beatitudes. Dinner will be provided. Sides are welcome but not expected.

St. Joseph Toledo


Mission Statement

St. Joseph Young Adult Group is a group of young adults from St. Joseph's Parish, created by the pastor who elects a leader to govern and moderate the group and its activities. The group exists to build bonds of friendship between young orthodox Catholics, deepening their understanding of the Catholic faith and growing one's spiritual life. This end is primarily accomplished by meeting to learn theology and the occasional party to enkindle friendship among the members. All actions of this organization must be directly or indirectly ordered toward its designated ends.


Please email Isabel Smith at for any inquiries with St. Joseph Young Adult Group

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